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If your project is already trading on the market, you can list it on CML with 100 USD Activation Fee Simply fill out the application form on our website with relevant details about your project. Our team will review your submission, and once approved, your project will be listed on CML. Being listed on our platform enhances your project's visibility and gives you access to a wide network of potential investors.
​Project available on market - 100 USD Activation Fee

Join CML in Presale phase

For projects in the presale phase, CML offers listing for a small fee. Complete our application form with detailed information about your project and pay the small listing fee specified on our website. This fee covers additional due diligence and support for presale projects. Once we've received your application and fee, our team will verify the information and approve your listing. By joining CML, your presale project gains the exposure it needs to attract potential investors and create early interest. Join us today to boost your presale project's success.
​Project in presale phase - 200 USD Activation Fee