Hello CoinMarketLeague Community,

As our platform continues to grow and evolve, we are committed to ensuring clarity and fairness in our community engagement and voting process. With these updated guidelines, we aim to uphold fair voting practices while embracing the creative freedom for community rewards and giveaways.

Our Philosophy: We believe in empowering communities and projects by enabling them to share rewards and engage actively. This approach not only helps in rewarding loyal community members but also plays a crucial role in increasing the number of holders for each project, fostering a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

1. Fair and Honest Voting:

  • One Person, One Vote: We adhere to the "one person, one vote" principle to maintain voting integrity. Creating multiple accounts for voting is prohibited.

  • Community Integrity: Your vote is a testament to your support for projects you truly believe in. Let it reflect genuine preference and belief.

2. Freedom for Giveaways:

  • Rewarding Community Participation: Projects are encouraged to conduct giveaways and rewards as a token of appreciation for their community's participation in voting.

  • Incentives for Participation: Offering rewards for participating in the voting process is allowed. However, these rewards should not be contingent on the outcome of the vote.

  • Transparency in Rewards: Clearly communicate the rules and criteria of your giveaways, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

3. Community Self-Regulation:

  • Reporting Mechanisms: If you observe practices that undermine our voting principles, please report them through our simple and anonymous process.

  • Trust in the Community: We rely on the collective responsibility of our community to preserve the voting process's integrity.

4. Acknowledging Fair Practices:

  • Recognition of Fair Engagement: Projects that demonstrate fairness and creativity in community engagement will be recognized and appreciated.

Together Towards Success: We are confident that these guidelines will create a vibrant, fair, and engaging environment for all members. Your active involvement and adherence to these principles are vital to our collective success.

Thank You for Your Contribution to CoinMarketLeague. Let's Continue to Foster Fair Play and Robust Community Engagement!

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