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πŸš€Advertise Presales

Are you looking for ways to promote your presale and attract more investors?

We can help! For a fee of $100, we offer adding presale info to our presales calendar at

Payment adress: 0xF238814180e09fdAA3603a93A63110ce45d17123 (ETH,BNB)

Our services include:

  • Placement on our homepage for increased visibility in the sidebar (when the date is declared)

  • Dedicated article about your project, professionally written and published

  • Announcements of your presale and the related article on our Twitter account

  • Announcements of your presale and the related article on our Telegram channels

If you are interested in promotion at CML you can reach us by Email or Telegram 🫑

Benefits of Listing Presales

  • Increased Visibility: Listing your project's presale on CoinMarketLeague's Presales Calendar ensures that potential investors and interested parties are aware of your upcoming event, increasing its visibility and reach.

  • Targeted Exposure: CoinMarketLeague attracts a diverse audience of crypto enthusiasts and investors, allowing you to reach a relevant audience interested in participating in presales.

  • Funding Opportunities: Showcasing your presale events can attract potential investors, increasing the likelihood of a successful funding round for your project.

  • Community Growth: Engaging potential investors through presale events contributes to community growth, fostering support and engagement with your project.

  • Hype Generation: Listing your project's presale can generate hype and excitement around your project, building anticipation for its official launch.

  • Competitive Advantage: Showcasing your project's presale events on CoinMarketLeague's Presales Calendar helps differentiate your project from competitors, demonstrating its commitment to growth and development.

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