CML Magazine (PR)

Educate Potential users about your project's mission, goals, and technology by publishing PR or an article in CoinMarketLeague Magazine.
CML Magazine can help your project gain visibility among a wide audience of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. The magazine is tailored specifically to the crypto community, ensuring that your project reaches a relevant audience.
Press Release Package - $125, encompassing:
  • Expertly crafted press release
  • SEO-enhanced for optimal online visibility
  • Custom-designed images tailored to the article
  • The announcement posted to our Twitter account CML_Crypto (over 10k followers)
  • Promotion through our Telegram group CoinMarketLeague_chat (over 900 followers)
Payment adress: 0xF238814180e09fdAA3603a93A63110ce45d17123 (ETH,BNB)
If you are interested in promotion at CML you can reach us by Email or Telegram 🫡
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