Integrations policy

CoinMarketLeague is committed to providing a streamlined and consistent experience to our users. We are receiving inquiries from individuals and businesses expressing interest in integrating their services as a means of authentication with CoinMarketLeague (CML).

To maintain simplicity, efficiency, and minimize dependencies within our application, we have implemented the following integration policy:

  1. Integration Scope: CoinMarketLeague does not integrate with any external services for authentication purposes, payments, or bots, including but not limited to third-party websites, applications, or platforms.

  2. Our site operates independently and exclusively uses Twitter authentication for user authentication on CoinMarketLeague.

  3. Site Functionality and Maintenance: At CoinMarketLeague, we believe in simplicity, efficiency, and minimizing dependencies within our application.

    1. By not integrating with external services, we avoid introducing unnecessary complexity and dependencies that can impact the performance and stability of our platform.

    2. This approach allows us to maintain a more convenient and cost-effective application, reducing maintenance efforts and associated expenses.

  4. Data Privacy and Security: Protecting the privacy and security of our users' data is paramount to us.

    1. We have chosen Twitter authentication as the primary method of user authentication because it allows us to provide a secure authentication process without storing user passwords in our system.

    2. By utilizing Twitter authentication, we eliminate the need for users to create and remember login credentials on our platform, minimizing the risk of password-related security breaches and ensuring a seamless user experience.

  5. Future Considerations: While we currently do not integrate with external services for authentication, CoinMarketLeague reserves the right to reconsider this policy in the future.

    1. Any changes or updates will be made at our discretion, considering our commitment to simplicity, efficiency, and the overall user experience.

    2. We cannot guarantee that alternative authentication methods or integrations will be offered or supported in the future.

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